Turkey's greens announce establishment of new party

Turkey's greens applied the Interior Ministry on Monday, the International Day of Peace, to establish a new political party.

The Green Party has released a statement, setting out the policies the party aims to introduce should it win the election.

The document sets out a "Green New Deal" - proposing measures from replacing fossil fuels to sustainable tourism and investing in energy efficiency. The manifesto also focuses on ways to promote pluralistic democracy and ensure gender equality.

"Today, we face three big global crises: The climate crisis before anything else. A global health crisis comes second, and a crisis of democracy and justice caused by social, economic and cultural injustices. Green thinking is the way out to cope with those problems," the party's co-spokeswoman Emine Özkan said.

“Green politics being on the rise in Europe and around the world indicated that. The green movement that exists in Turkey for many years has founded the Green Party based on this need," she said

Green parties have swept to their strongest ever showing in European elections, boosting their tally of MEPs to a projected 71 compared with 52 last time. The result gives them every chance of becoming kingmakers in a newly fragmented parliament.

“We, the Green Party of Turkey, are well aware of the local and global challenges and we propose solutions based on that. Economy, freedom, democracy and justice are Turkey’s most pressing issues. We see the current political climate as the root cause behind these problems. For solutions, we look at the world through a new green perspective," the party's co-spokesman Koray Doğan Urbarlı said.

Turkey's ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) has long been criticised for its megaprojects and policies for economic growth based on a construction-driven boom. Many green areas have fallen victim to construction firms’ appetite for new areas to develop during the boom. Many experts have said the large-scale projects undertaken under AKP rule are leading the ecology towards irreversible damage.


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