Germany restricts visa applications from Turkey

Germany has decided to block visa applications with "Grey" and "Green" passports from Turkey, Sözcü newspaper reported on Saturday.

German authorities responsible for visa applications from Turkey said that Turkish citizens in the future will be obliged to document the reason for their travel, the report said.

In April, Sözcü reported that 43 of 45 participants with grey passports on a visit to Germany organised by Turkey's Yeşilyurt municipality in 2020 had unexpectedly failed to return, raising suspicions that service passports were being used to facilitate human trafficking.

German authorities believe hundreds of Turkish citizens may have entered the country by illegally obtaining “grey” service passports.

After the "grey passport" scandal, Germany introduced new regulations for Turkish citizens. Additional documents proving the reason for travel and the exception against the restrictions will be requested from those who come with passports that do not require a German visa, Sözcü reported.

In a statement, the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that visa-free arrivals with "Green, Gray and Black" passports will now be inspected and additional documents will be requested at the borders, Sözcü said.

The statement also emphasised that those who travel with a special passport would not be accepted without a valid reason and that all passport holders should declare valid reasons for visiting in advance "even if they have a visa", Sözcü said.

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