Dec 28 2018

Pakistan’s supreme court declares Gülen movement a terrorist organisation - AA

The Supreme Court of Pakistan on Friday ordered the government to recognise Gülen movement as a terrorist organisation and ban the schools affiliated with the religious group, Anadolu Agency reported.

Turkish government accuses the Islamist network led by U.S. based cleric Fethullah Gülen of orchestrating a coup attempt in 2016. Turkish government launched a massive crackdown inside Turkey and abroad against the devotees of the movement, which it labels as Fethullahist Terrorist Organisation (FETÖ). 

Ankara has urged foreign governments to either close the schools affiliated with Gülen or to turn them over to the Turkish state-run educational organisation, the Maarif Foundation, which has so far taken over more than 100 Gülen schools in 28 countries.

The Supreme Court of Pakistan also ordered the government to hand over 23 Gülen affiliated schools  in the country to the Maarif Foundation. 

Turkish Foreign Ministry welcomed the Pakistani court’s decision in a written statement on Friday. 

“The decision of the Supreme Court of Pakistan is considered as a manifestation of mutual cooperation nourished by strong bonds between Turkey and Pakistan, and it should set a precedent for all countries,” the statement said. 

If the Pakistani government follows the supreme court’s verdict, Pakistan will be the first foreign country to recognise Gülen movement a terrorist organisation.