Sweden rejects 168 Gülenist asylum claims - AA

Sweden has accepted the asylum claims of 15 people who claimed to be members of the Gülen movement and rejected 168, Turkish state news agency Anadolu said, citing Swedish state radio.

“We do not find it harmful to send them to Turkey even if they are Gülen sympathisers. But if there is a greater risk of going to prison, we accept their requests,” it quoted Carl Bexelius, the Deputy Legal Director at the Swedish Migration Agency, as saying.

Turkey considers the Gülen movement, which it accuses of carrying out the failed 2016 coup attempt, to be an armed terrorist organisation, meaning that supporting it, aiding it, becoming a member, or making propaganda for it are all crimes. Membership of a terror organisation carries a total sentence of from seven-and-a-half to 15 years in jail.