Turkey has delivered lists of alleged terrorists to Germany and United States

Ankara has given a list of 136 people who are allegedly linked to terrorist organisations to Berlin during Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's state visit to Germany on Sept. 28-29, Turkish President told reporters, published in Sabah on Monday.  

"A list of exceeding 4,000 who are linked to PKK (Kurdistan Workers Party which Turkey considers as a terrorist organisation) was given to the German government before. We have given a new list of 136 people to Germany and another list of over 20 to the United States," said Erdogan, answering a question of how many people were on the list besides the exiled journalist Can Dündar.

Germany has not been acting sensitively over the practices of organisations which Turkey links to terrorism, Erdogan said, adding the Turkish government has expectations from Germany concerning the issue. 

However, Erdogan said the Turkish government did not reply to Germany's questions about the German citizens arrested in Turkey, reminding them that it was not logical to help the ones who are against the Turkish government.

Erdogan said although Turkey has delivered all the documents proving the crimes of the alleged Gülen Movement members in Germany and the United States, these countries continue to ignore the evidence. 

The Gülen movement, led by cleric Fethullah Gülen based in Pennsylvania, was accused of orchestrating for a failed coup in 2016 by Ankara. 

Speaking about Turkey's lost the right to host a European Championship in 2024, Erdogan said Turkey got rid of the expenses. Germany will host the 2024 European Championship, as leaving Turkey behind in a vote by UEFA's Executive Committee. Turkey has better and more modern facilities than Germany, however, it is not a big deal to lose such voting according to Erdogan. 

UEFA’s decision has created a disappointment among Turkey’s ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) supporters and pro-government media. Many said that the decision made traitors and the country’s enemies happy.