Turkey rounds up Bank Asya shareholders

Turkish police detained the majority of the shareholders of Bank Asya, the Turkish lender with alleged links to the banned religious movement of Fethullah Gülen.

Forty-nine of the bank's 68 shareholders were taken into custody in police raids conducted on Wednesday, Hürriyet newspaper said.

Bank Asya was seized in 2015 on charges that it was a conduit for the financial operations of the Gülen movement, accused by the government of carrying out a failed military coup in July 2016.

The Islamic bank was the largest of its kind in Turkey. Scores of the bank's clients have also been arrested and imprisoned, with prosecutors claiming that their association with the bank proved that they were part of Gülen's conspiracy.

Turkey has issued detention warrants for all of the company's shareholders, Hürriyet said. Two of them are currently abroad, it added.

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