Turkish agents hunting Gülenists worldwide  - Karar

Turkey’s National Intelligence Organisation (MİT) is conducting operations across the world to detain and bring back to Turkey people accused of membership of the Gülen movement that the government blames for carrying out the 2016 failed coup attempt, the moderate conservative Karar newspaper reported, citing anonymous security sources.

Turkish agents seized six alleged high-ranking members of the Gülen movement in Kosovo in late March. MİT agents also brought back three high-level Gülenist figures from Gabon on Tuesday. 

Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Bekir Bozdağ said MİT had brought back a total of 80 Gülenists from 18 countries.

Members of the Gülen movement are being monitored closely and caught in three-step operations, the security sources told Karar. Such operations would continue on every continent, not just Africa and Europe, they said.

Gülenists are busy making plans to get remaining members out of Turkey, while conducting propaganda against Turkey from abroad, the sources said.

The Gülen movement is a secretive religious group following Pennsylvania-based preacher Fethullah Gülen. The Turkish government, in seeking to bring down the movement in Turkey and worldwide, closing movement-linked schools, businesses and charities, and detaining more than 100,000 people accused of being members.