Turkish singer Mabel Matiz investigated for using one dollar bills in his music clip

Famous Turkish pop singer, Mabel Matiz testified to Turkish prosecutors after a complaint was filed against him, alleging that a video for one of his songs demonstrated his connections to the Gülen movement, Milliyet newspaper reported on Wednesday.

The Turkish government accuses the Gülen Movement, a religious group, of orchestrating a failed coup attempt in 2016. According to Turkish police, members of the group - which uses a secretive cell-like structure - used 1 dollar banknotes to identify each other during the coup attempt.

In the video of his song 'Ya Bu İşler Ne’, Mabel Matiz is seen throwing one dollar bills that he removes from a bag. A Turkish citizen who saw the video complained to authorities it showed Matiz’ supported the outlawed Gülen movement. 

Matiz told prosecutors he was not responsible for the video’s content and that he had no intention of implying support for the Gülen movement. 

News of the investigation into Matiz created an outcry on social media.

“I swear this country is full of psychopaths. We are living inside a huge mental ward. I don’t know how we are going to prove our sanity,” one user said on Twitter. 

Another twitter user poked fun at the investigation, saying that he was watching the video to support the Gülen movement.

Another pointed out that Matiz had also brandished a water pistol in the video, and wondered if this proved he was a killer. 

Many also recalled that it is a custom at Turkish weddings to shower the bride and groom with one dollar bills, warning people to be careful.