Gun violence surges as firearm becomes common in Turkey

Twelve in 100 Turkish citizens own a firearm, with Turkey ranking 14 out of 178 countries regarding armament, Turkish independent news site T24 said on Sunday, citing Turkey’s leading anti-gun organisation.

Turkish authorities have granted over 2.3 million gun licenses in the last two years, according to a report by the Istanbul-based Umut Foundation.

The report also shows a 69 percent rise in gun violence between 2015, when 2,175 instances were recorded, and 2018, when the figure rose to 3,679.

There are around 25 million weapons in Turkey and that at least 85 percent of them are unlicensed, according to the data. 

The most violent regions in the report were Marmara in north-western Turkey, where instances of gun violence rose by 88 percent to 1,032, and in Central Anatolia, where it rose during the same period from 283 to 646 instances.

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