Halkbank penalty could be very severe – Courthouse News reporter Adam Klasfeld

Adam Klasfeld of Courthouse News discussed the recent indictment of Turkey’s state-run Halkbank for breaking U.S. sanctions on Iran with Ahval editor Ilhan Tanir.

This was an enormous money laundering scheme and there could potentially be a very severe penalty for the Turkish government


The Zarrab case was always a big deal in Turkey, but it is now giant deal in the United States as well because it has come to figure in the impeachment inquiry through Trump’s attorney Giuliani


The indictment is undated, and we don't know how long this indictment has been ready.


The Iran government in the past had rejected participating in a court hearing like Halkbank.


Reza Zarrab is still the witness of this trial, and his testimony spearheaded the previous trial.