District governor replaces pro-Kurdish HDP mayor in Turkey’s Van province

Turkey’s interior ministry has appointed a district governor to replace the former pro-Kurdish Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) mayor of the eastern province of Van’s İpekyolu district, pro-Kurdish Mezopotamya Agency reported on Saturday.

Sinan Aslan has stepped in to replace HDP’s Azim Yacan, who was detained on Friday over terrorism-related charges, it said.

The interior ministry removed Yacan, elected mayor in the March 2019 local elections from the pro-Kurdish HDP, from office following his detention, with the appointment of Aslan announced late Friday night.

Yacan and co-mayor of İpekyolu Şehzade Kurt are facing terrorism-related charges.

Aslan is the 16th government-appointed trustee who has replaced a mayor elected from the HDP since the March local elections.


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