Three Turkish assassins preparing to attack Turkish intellectuals in Europe - opposition MP

Turkey’s opposition have said they have received intelligence on an assassination list of Turkish intellectuals living in exile in European countries.

“There is an assassination list with names and institutions which are being targeted,” pro-Kurdish opposition Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) deputy Garo Paylan was quoted as saying by leftist news website İleriHaber.

Paylan said he will not reveal the names of  those being targeted, nor the source of the intelligence; Paylan did however indicate that he had shared this information with European law enforcement agencies, who he said, had taken additional measures.

“Many institutions and persons on the list,’’ Paylan said, “reside in Germany,’’ where most Turkish migrants live. Paylan stressed that the assassins were from Turkey.

The list of targets included leaders from the Turkish-Armenian and Alevi communities, and those who had had to flee Turkey under AKP’s rule, such as journalists, academics and authors, Paylan said.

Paylan, in an interview with Özgürü, an independent news website, noted: “The allegations are very serious. There are many names which the Turkish government has declared as 'traitors'… I have conveyed this information to the Turkish authorities.”

Paylan noted that according to the information he had received, “there are three assassins in Europe right now, planned and directed from Turkey, who are preparing to conduct some sensational assassinations.''