Turkey demolished Kurdish fighters’ cemetery – opposition

Turkey’s pro-Kurdish opposition Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) said Turkish authorities had demolished a cemetery of fallen Kurdish fighters in the southeast province of Bitlis.

The cemetery was built in 2013 and had graves of 267 people, who were fighters belonging to the insurgent Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and People’s Protection Units (YPG), HDP’s Bitlis MP Mahmut Celadet Gaydali was quoted as saying by Kurdish news agency K24.

Gaydali said the families contacted him after learning that local military officials had destroyed the cemetery area with heavy equipment. The area was under a curfew declared by the government officials.

One of the fathers quoted by K24 said her daughter was killed in Kobane, Northern Syria, in the battle against the extremist jihadist group Islamic State.

The remnants of her daughter, along with those of others were transferred to Istanbul's Forensic Institute, Gaydali said.

“Even the most barbarian armies did not ignore the right to be buried, something that does not require any written laws,” read the statement on HDP website.

Turkish army regularly bombs and destroys PKK fighters’ graves and cemeteries in Kurdish provinces, K24 said.


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