Syrians in Turkey to have EU-sponsored primary health system

Syrians throughout Turkey will soon be able to receive primary and preventative healthcare in the Arabic language thanks to a new $350 million EU project, according to Deutsche Welle.

The ambitious project, undertaken in collaboration with the Turkish Ministry of Health, aims to open 178 clinics for the refugees, employing about 1,500 Syrian medical staff.

Syrian refugees have been legally able to access free healthcare in Turkey since a new law on migrants came into force in 2014.

Many Syrians without a working knowledge of Turkish still found the system difficult to navigate, however.

Healthcare provision needs have also risen dramatically in border provinces whose population has surged due to incoming refugees. The subsequent shortages in public services have been one of the major causes of tension with local communities.

According to Turkish government statistics, there are now 3.3 million Syrian refugees living in Turkey.