Turkey moots new measures in bid to curb smoking

The Turkish government is pondering a raft of new measures in its bid to reduce tobacco consumption in the country, according to an article in ODA TV’s website on Monday.

Measures outlined in a new "Tobacco Control Strategy Document and Action Plan" prepared by 20 government ministries and agencies include raising the age at which tobacco products may be purchased to 21, increased controls over smoking in enclosed spaces, higher tax rates on tobacco products and education campaigns aimed at increasing awareness of the health risks associated with smoking.

One striking proposals outlined involves introducing positive discrimination for non-smoking employees, allowing them to work shorter working hours, increasing their annual leave by a week and taxing them at a lower rate.

Despite high rates of smoking in Turkey ― it ranks 24th in a list of countries that smoke the most ― not all have been impressed by the plan, with some Twitter users questioning whether other forms of positive discrimination might be introduced. 

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