Feb 22 2018

Turkish Get-Up becomes ultimate strength-builder

The Turkish Get-Up, a floor exercise based on movements from a traditional Turkish dance, is becoming the gold standard for strength training in gymnasiums

"The TGU is the ultimate move to build strength, stability, and test flexibility across the entire body," according to Lacee Lazoff, a pro-trainer at Fhitting Room in New York. "It requires and builds core strength, while uncovering sources of weakness [or imbalance] in the body."

But the exercise, allegedly used by Ottoman Janissary soldiers for training and then adopted by strongmen early last century to lift the heaviest of weights, is difficult to master. It involves a complex movement that starts on the floor with a kettlebell or dumbbell in the lock-out arm position.

Before even getting started, have a frank conversation with yourself, Lazoff told fitness website shape.com. Do you have a basic knowledge of functional movements such as hinging at the hips, lunging, proper spinal alignment? Each of these movements is incorporated into the TGU, and understanding how these patterns feel will help you maintain proper form from head to toe throughout the exercise, he said.

Turkey has a long and successful tradition of weight-lifting. Halil Mutlu is one of four weightlifters to win three consecutive gold medals at the Olympic Games. Naim Suleymanoglu, a winner of Olympic and World Championship golds known as the “Pocket Hercules”, died in November after a liver transplant.