New evidence shows Turkish-backed rebels murdered Syrian politician – BBC

The BBC has published a video report detailing compelling evidence that Syrian Future Party leader Hevrin Khalaf was murdered by members of Ahrar al-Sharqiya, a Syrian rebel group that fights as part of the Turkish-backed Syrian National Army, during Turkey’s military incursion in October.

Fighters shot the tyres out of Khalaf’s car as she traversed the M4 highway on Oct. 12. The BBC’s video evidence, corroborated by open source satellite data, shows that she was attacked while approaching the Tirwaziya checkpoint, which was under Ahrar al-Sharqiya’s control at the time.

The Syrian rebel group initially said its fighters had opened fire at a car that did not heed their call to stop and had not targeted Khalaf specifically.

But video footage uploaded by one of the fighters shows that Khalaf was alive when they approached the car and was able to identify herself to her attackers.

“Here’s another runaway pig who was eliminated by the Syrian National Army,” a rebel says on the film as uniformed fighters gather around Khalaf’s car.

Khalaf’s mother Souad Mohammed confirmed that the female voice from the car belonged to her daughter.

“I would recognise it out of 5,000 voices,” she said. “When I heard her voice, I saw the brutality of the world, and that there is no humanity in this world.”

A post-mortem examination showed that the politician was dragged from the car and brutally assaulted before being shot more than 20 times.

Khalaf came from Syria's Kurdish political movement to head the Future Party, which participated in the self-governing administrations set up by Kurdish-led groups in northeast Syria during the civil war. The Future Party aimed to strengthen links between the different ethnicities and religious groups in those administrations.

Ahrar al-Sharqiya released a statement saying the fighters had set up the roadblock on the M4 without permission and that those who violated orders had been sent for trial.