Up to 90 pct of top Turkish high school graduates looking to study abroad

Up to 90 percent of graduates of Turkey’s top high schools are looking to leave the country to pursue post-secondary education abroad, Sözcü newspaper reported on Saturday.

A total of 113 of the 136 graduates of Istanbul’s Robert College applied for universities abroad this year, during which 77 of the 165 graduates of Istanbul High School have submitted applications to further their education outside of Turkey,  Sözcü said.

Turkey has faced a substantial brain drain in recent years, sparked by an economic downturn and reduced freedoms in the aftermath of the July 2016 coup attempt, which are pushing waves of young Turks to continue their lives abroad.

Fifty-nine percent of Turkey’s well-educated young population is leaving the country, while 73 percent of the young population overall wants to leave the country, according to a study published by Osmangazi University. 

Moreover, 78 percent of those who leave the country have no desire to return, T24 cited the study as saying.