Turkey’s state religious authority begins razing Istanbul’s historic Bomonti brewery

Construction teams in Istanbul have begun to demolish the city’s historic Bomonti beer factory complex, which will be replaced with an Islamic cultural centre run by Turkey’s top state religious authority, Halk TV reported on Sunday.

The demolition of the Ottoman-era complex, one of the city’s earliest industrial estates, arrives almost a year after the structure was handed over to Turkey’s Religious Affairs Directorate.

The site is scheduled to be completely razed over the next two weeks, setting the foundation for the centre, which will include a prayer room, dormitory and parking lot, Halk TV said.

Last week, a fire erupted in the complex located in Istanbul’s Şişli district.

Built in 1890, the Bomonti Beer Factory was the first brewery established in the Ottoman Empire. In 1991, its beer-producing operation came to a halt, and the building was cleared out before the property was declared a tourism centre in 1998.