No black chapters in our history - Turkish historian

The Turkish nation has no black chapters in its history, a best-selling historian told an awards ceremony on Friday, left-nationalist newspaper Aydınlık said.

“At Sarıkamış (on the Russian front in the First World War) the army did not freeze until they had shot their weapons,” Prof. İlber Ortaylı told the 2017 Services to Turkish Culture Awards.

“Some countries’ histories are black and white,” he said. “Our country’s history is white.”

“There is some grey in places,” he added.

Ortaylı also had harsh words for those critical of Fahrettin Pasha in a recent dispute with the United Arab Emirates.

“Now there are some morons who write ‘this pasha was (a Young Turk)’ or whatever and why did he defend (Medina) against the Arabs,” he said.

“The man is defending the grave of the Prophet, saving your honour – what more do you want?”

A recent poll found Ortaylı to be the 7th most trusted celebrity in Turkey.


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