Sixteen-year-old Syrian refugee murdered in northern Turkey

A sixteen-year-old Syrian refugee was killed on Sunday in Turkey’s northern province of Samsun after being attacked by a group of people, Duvar news site reported.

Eymenh Hammamı, an employee at a bakery in the town of Vezirköprü, died after being stabbed during what is believed to be a racially motivated attack by a group of 20 people, Duvar said, citing eyewitnesses.

Three Syrian refugees, including Hammamı, were accosted by a vehicle filled with people yelling racial slurs, Hammamı’s brother said. The group later confronted them again, he said, this time with more people.

The victim’s brother said two of the men were brandishing knives and he found his brother covered in blood after leaving the scene to flag down a police car.

One person has been detained in relation to the incident and the victim’s family has announced they will be filing criminal complaints against all 20 of the alleged attackers, Duvar said.

Turkey is home to some 3.7million Syrian refugees, whose influx has provoked discontent among some Turks that is fed by the media and far-right nationalist discourse.

The Syrian community in the country has been the target of several violent attacks, the latest of which took place earlier this year, when Turkey launched a cross-border military operation into Syria targeting Kurdish forces.

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