May 08 2018

Amnesty call for end to Turkish state of emergency

Amnesty International, whose country president is still under arrest in Turkey and whose chair still faces charges, have released a new report showing the number of rights violations that have occurred in the country under state of emergency.

The report, which focused in particular on the erosion of the rights to freedom of expression, assembly and association, to liberty and security, and to fair trials, said that Turkey had a “broken legal system” and that many had been jailed without committing any identifiable criminal offence.

Arbitrary detentions and abusive prosecutions under anti-terror laws had multiplied under the state of emergency, Amnesty said, and rights defenders including those specialising in LGBTI, women’s, and Kurdish rights had been left vulnerable.

Amnesty called on the Turkish government to unconditionally release jailed human rights defenders and protect those carrying out the work, and called on the European Union and its member-states to use conditionality to encourage Turkey to put human rights standards into practice.