Feb 10 2019

IPU Committee repeats concern on violated human rights of lawmakers in Turkey

Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) Committee on the Human Rights of Parliamentarians released a report on cases of 417 lawmakers from 37 countries, including Turkey. 

The IPU, a global organisation works in close co-operation with the United Nations, urged on violation of the human rights of MPs worldwide in the report. 

The Committee, a special body dedicated to the defence of elected persecuted deputies, repeated its concerns about the situation of current and former parliamentarians in Turkey and Cambodia. 

"Although it adopted no new decisions on the cases in Cambodia and Turkey, the Committee continues to be concerned about the situation of current and former parliamentarians in those countries," the Committee report said.

In a previous report, the Committee said its trial observation missions failed due to the Turkish authorities' disallowance. 

"Three trial observation missions to Turkey took place in 2018. However, the Turkish authorities have not yet authorized a fact-finding mission to allow the IPU to visit MPs in detention."

Last month, Parliamentary Assembly Council of Europe drew attention on the worsening situation of opposition politicians in Turkey. 15 former lawmakers from pro-Kurdish Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP), including the former co-chairs of the party, and one lawmaker from the main opposition Republican People's Party (CHP) are behind bars in the country. 

The IPU Committee also said the Venezuelan authorities should immediately end the ongoing harassment of 60 parliamentarians from the coalition of the Democratic Unity Roundtable (MUD).

Likewise, the report raised concerns on human rights violations of parliamentarians in Bahrain, Belarus, Colombia, Fiji, Israel, Kuwait, Mauritania, the Russian Federation, Yemen, Uganda and the Maldives.