Dec 10 2017

State of emergency’s effects may linger for years - NGOs

Turkey’s state of emergency turned into a regime of permanent rights violations, Human Rights Foundation of Turkey and Turkish Human Rights Association said in a joint statement.

The state of emergency was declared after the failed July 2016 coup d’état, and extended to this day.

The procedure is unconstitutional and its practice breaches international human right principles, the statement said, marking the 69th anniversary of the European Convention on Human Rights.

The government has so far issued 28 emergency decree laws which are subject to parliament’s approval within 30 days, the statement read. “The fact that only five out of 28 were ratified by the Turkish Parliament in designated time is a clear breach of the Turkish constitution.”

The decree laws issued under the state of emergency powers reached beyond their legal purpose by amending regular laws and dismissing thousands of civil servants, NGOs said, even if the state of emergency is lifted tomorrow, its effect will linger for years.