Turkish justice ministry drops charges against man beaten by president's bodyguards

Turkey’s justice ministry has dropped the case against a lawyer who was beaten by the president’s bodyguards after objecting to traffic disruptions.

Turkish lawyer Sertuğ Sürenoğlu was assaulted by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s bodyguards near the historic Çırağan Palace in Istanbul on April 13, after he complained about disruptions to traffic caused by a wedding party held in the palace.

The wedding of the heirs of two of Turkey’s wealthiest businesses was attended by Erdoğan and a host of figures from the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP).

Sürenoğlu was photographed covered in bruises after the incident, and described his ordeal as being “subjected to torture” outside the entrance to the palace as guests were arriving.

However, it was the lawyer who faced legal action, when charges were brought against him for insulting the president.

Footage from the night shows a frustrated Sürenoğlu shouting “all this for one wedding” at the passing motorcade before being restrained by security.

The lawyer said the bodyguards had forced him to sign the record which led to the charges against him after he was beaten, Turkish independent news site Gazete Duvar reported.

The justice ministry’s decision to drop the charges against him mean Sürenoğlu is no longer under held house arrest.


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