Turkish man beaten at Turkish consulate

A Turkish man living in the Netherlands filed a criminal complaint claiming that he was badly beaten and tear gassed by the security personnel of the Turkish Consulate in Rotterdam, BBC Turkish reported.

Erdal Akbaba, a Turkish businessman living in the Hague, was given a doctor’s note for 18 days off work and was told that he had narrowly avoided losing his sight because of the tear gas.

Akbaba went to the Turkish Consulate in Rotterdam 41 days ago with his family to register his new-born daughter, however the registration could not be completed due to a technical problem.

Akbaba and his family went to the consulate for a second time one week later, but after waiting for four hours, he was told that the computer system was not working. He wanted to take back the documents he submitted, but the officer turned down his request. The officer called the security personnel, after the argument with Akbaba became heated.

According to Akbaba, four security personnel aimed tear gas into his eyes and started beating him, after he asked them to speak more politely with him. Akbaba added that other people at the Consulate witnessed the event and his wife had to call the police. Rotterdam Police also told BBC Turkish that the eyewitnesses confirmed Akbaba’s account of events.