The Turkish 18-year-old haunted by his ID number

“I’m 18 years old. I’m retired,” Abdülselam Deniz introduced himself to Star News.

But it must be hard to keep a sense of humour about his predicament.

The young man, who was assigned the Turkish identity number 11111111110 – all ones apart from the last number, which is a checksum – gets caught up in other people’s lives on a regular basis when they unwittingly use his ID number as a default or stand-in.

He first learnt that his ID was going to get him in trouble when he was aged just 10-years-old, when he was accused of defaulting on his mortgage payments.

“Of course, when they saw me, they dropped it,” he said.

He has since had to attend court in dozens of debt default cases all around Turkey.

It has also been damaging for Deniz’s career.

“Whatever job I take, they cannot pay my social security, because I am listed as retired,” he told the channel.