Large Turkish army convoy enters northwest Syria - report

A new Turkish army convoy has crossed the Syrian border into rebel-held territory in the Idlib region, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) said on Thursday.

The monitoring group said 20 vehicles carrying logistical and military equipment passed through the Kafr Losin border-crossing located near the Turkish city of Reyhanlı, adding to the Turkish military build-up in Idlib in recent weeks.

On Saturday, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said Turkey had deployed its most significant batch of military reinforcements to Idlib for several months.

The troop movements follow Turkey’s decision last month to withdraw from several observation posts set-up in Idlib to monitor a ceasefire agreement with Russia.

Turkish sources told Middle East Eye that the move was in anticipation of a renewed assault by Assad-regime forces backed by Russian air support on rebel-held positions in the region.

Meanwhile, clashes between Turkish-backed Syrian rebel groups and Kurdish-led fighters have escalated in northeast Syria, where analysts say a new Turkish military offensive remains a possibility.