Russian, Syrian airstrikes hit hospitals and mosques in rebel-held Idlib - Anadolu

Russian and Syrian regime forces carried out air attacks on hospitals and mosques in the northwestern province of Idlib, Turkey’s state-run news agency Anadolu (AA) reported.

“Intensive air attacks on Idlib, which has been conducting for weeks, targeted a hospital in Maarat al-Numan area and three mosques in the city center last night,” Mustafa Haj Yousuf, head of Civil Defense units in Idlib, were quoted by AA as saying.

“No one has died in the attack carried out by Russian fighter jets, many injured. The hospital went out of service,” Syrian Interim Government’s Health Minister Mohammed Firas al-Jundi told AA.

Located in northern Syria near the Turkish border, the Idlib province was declared a “de-escalation zone” in an agreement between Turkey, Iran and Russia.

Controlled by anti-regime armed groups, the province has been under intense airstrikes for the last two months, AA said.

In January alone, 211 civilians were killed and 1,447 wounded, it said.