Istanbul’s natural gas supplier announces instalments for monthly bills

Istanbul’s natural gas supplier, İGDAŞ, has given customers the option of payment instalments for monthly bills following multiple price hikes in 2019 of almost 40 percent that are straining households. 

The Turkish government last imposed in August an increase in natural gas prices for the fourth time in less than one year. Accordingly, natural gas prices increased by 15 percent for domestic and 14 percent for industrial usage.

İGDAŞ’s agreement with 12 Turkish banks, including Akbank, İş Bank, Türkiye Finans and Yapı Kredi, allow for up to four payment instalments for monthly bills at no extra charge, it said last week.

Five banks, Alternatif Bank, Denizbank, Garanti Bank, Şekerbank and TEB, do not have a minimum limit for the instalment option, while other banks have set a lower limit of 100 liras ($ 16.86), İGDAŞ said.

Natural gas prices in Turkey double that of the European average. Minimum wage in the country increased by 15 percent for 2020, from $340 to $390, compared to natural gas price hikes that totalled 37 percent.