Turkish authorities refuse to release ill prisoner despite medical report

63-year-old seriously ill prisoner Erdinç Tulay was not released from prison despite medical reports calling for his discharge, pro-Kurdish Mezopotamya news agency reported on Sunday.

Tulay was jailed in 2016 over terror charges and diagnosed with cancer in May 2019. However, he was not released from prison despite an Institute Of Forensic Medicine (ATK) report suggesting postponement of punishment during his treatment, Mezopotamya said.

Hundreds of critically ill patients at risk in Turkish prisons. According to the report by the Human Rights Association (IHD), over 400 prisoners in Turkey are critically ill, and hundreds die each year.

The Ministry of Justice announced that 2,300 people have died in custody in the last eight years, but did not disclose the causes of death.

Tulay receives chemotherapy but conditions in the prison are not suitable for the cancer patient,  according to Mezopotamya.

"The detainee must be treated outside, otherwise his right to life will be violated," IHD central committee member Nuray Çevirmen said.