OdaTV releases footage of editor-in-chief beaten in prison

OdaTV released video footage of the opposition media outlet’s editor-in-chief, Barış Pehlivan, being beaten as he entered Silivri Prison on the outskirts of Istanbul on March 6.

Pehlivan was arrested, along with two other OdaTV staff, for a report covering the funeral of a high-ranking Turkish intelligence officer who died in Libya, thereby violating state intelligence laws.

A Justice Ministry investigation, which was launched after Pehlivan and his lawyers accused the prison guards of assault, concluded that no beating had taken place.

The indictment in the case against Pehlivan and other journalists was updated to include the case prosecutor saying the battery allegations were “disinformation activities,” and that the claims were found to be “completely outside of reality,” following an investigation into security camera footage.

Video 1:

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