Analysts question security of U.S. nukes in Turkey

The placement of dozens of U.S. nuclear weapons in Turkish airbases may be “unwise” as Turkey and the United States could enter a “proxy war” against one another, a report by the Business Insider website suggested.

The Turkish military began a military operation in the northwest Syrian region of Afrin on Saturday, in response to the announcement the previous week that thousands of Kurdish fighters considered terrorists by Turkey would participate in a U.S.-backed border force in Syria.

As a result, the United States “could (end) up fighting a proxy war against Turkey, a NATO ally that holds dozens of US tactical nuclear weapons”, wrote Alex Lockie for the Business Insider.

“If the US decided to provide air cover for its allies in Afrin, it would likely launch those planes from Incirlik Air Base, which is inside Turkey”, noted the report. Incirlik is the “central hub for US air power in the region”, and the location of dozens of U.S. nuclear weapons.