Report prepared for NATO revealing nuclear weapons in İncirlik amended – Belgian press

A report prepared for a NATO committee, which revealed that six U.S. military bases in Europe including Turkey’s İncirlik possessed nuclear weapons, was amended to remove the information, BBC Turkish reported, citing Belgian press.

The report prepared for the NATO Parliamentary Assembly Defence and Security Committee pointed to 150 nuclear weapons – namely B-61 gravity bombs - belonging to the United States in military bases throughout Europe, including the İncirlik Air Base in Turkey’s southern province of Adana, it said.

BBC cited Belgium’s De Morgen newspaper as reporting the change made to the document. 

Written by committee member and Canadian Senator Joseph A. Day, the report titled "A new era for nuclear deterrence? Modernisation, arms control, and allied nuclear forces," listed the other five U.S. bases which had nuclear weapons as follows:

  • Kleine Brogel (Belgium)
  • Büchel (Germany)
  • Aviano (Italy)
  • Ghedi-Torre (Italy)
  • Volkel (Netherlands)
De Morgen
Source: De Morgen

A NATO official speaking to the Washington Post on condition of anonymity said, "We do not comment on the details of NATO’s stance toward nuclear weapons."

The Incirlik air base in southern Turkey is a key hub for U.S. operations in the Middle East and pivotal in Ankara-Washington relations.