Turkish children “sold to U.S. soldiers” for adoption – Turkish TV

Two Turkish sisters who said they had been sold to U.S. soldiers based at the İncirlik air base in southern Turkey, and later taken to the United States and converted to Christianity were only the tip of the iceberg, a Turkish talk show programme said.

The Esra Erol programme, named after its host, reunited sisters Hatice and Seçil Berberoğlu, who had been sold by their parents at four years old and seven months old respectively and brought up in different homes in the United States as Michelle and Brittany, news channel CNNTürk said.

They also met two other sisters, Cumali and Sebiha, who had remained in Turkey. The four sisters are still looking for two other siblings the family said had been sold to other soldiers on the base.

“I was 13 and my sister Cumali was two,” Sebiha said. “They first took Hatice then Seçil.”

“My mother was not able to interfere in these things at any time. Our strength was not enough (to oppose) my father.”

“My father sold his children for money,” she said. “Gambling and alcohol were his weaknesses. My mother is alive, but my father has died.”

Ali Aslan, a taxi driver at the base entrance, was quoted by CNN Türk as saying this was no unusual occurrence.

“They particularly chose poor families and bought their children,” Aslan said. “Turks working at İncirlik base or American women who knew İncirlik well would research who was in financial trouble in the neighbourhood and go to those families and buy their children.”