Hindus are slaughtering Muslims in India, Erdoğan says

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan strongly denounced the deadliest violence to hit India’s capital New Delhi in decades, after at least 32 people were killed in heavy clashes between Muslims and Hindus.

“India has become a country where massacres are widespread,” Erdoğan said in a statement cited by Turkish daily newspaper Star. “The Hindus are slaughtering Muslims.”

New Delhi authorities deny allegations of turning a blind eye to Hindu mobs attacking Muslims and Muslim-owned properties, including mosques.

Violent clashes that have left hundreds wounded began on Monday over a disputed citizenship law, which makes it easier for non-Muslims from neighbouring Muslim countries to gain Indian citizenship.

Turkey has been a vocal critic of India’s policies in Kashmir. Erdoğan said at a United Nations General Assembly meeting in New York in September that 8 million people were virtually under blockade in the region.

Critics of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s nationalist government say the citizenship law is biased and is another step in a campaign to turn 180 million Muslims in India, which is home to the second largest population of Muslims in the world, into second-class citizens, or even make them stateless.