Kurdish confederation chair to appear in German court for insulting Erdoğan - ANF

The co-chair of the German Confederation of Kurdistan Communities (KON-MED), a Kurdish umbrella organisation, has been called to a hearing on Tuesday by a German court after being accused of insulting Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

Tahir Köçer will appear before the judge for allegedly insulting Erdoğan following an application filed by the Turkish Ministry of Justice, pro-Kurdish Fırat News Agency reported on Monday.

German security units have compiled social media posts and correspondence by Köçer as evidence to be used in the case, it said.  

"I will not say much at the hearing, because I will convey that Erdoğan should actually be in this court ... I will state that Erdoğan is an occupying fascist dictator who ordered the genocide of Kurds," Köçer said. 

The KON-MED co-chair blasted Germany, accusing it of opening of lawsuits at Erdoğan’s behest.

"It would appear that German courts, as is the case in Turkey, are actually serving Erdoğan's interests," Köçer said.

Erdoğan, in a case that made international headlines, asked the German government to launch a probe against German comedian Jan Böhmermann for criminally “insulting” the Turkish president with a satirical poem in 2016.

German prosecutors dropped the case and a seldom-used section of Germany’s criminal code, which banned insulting the representatives of international governments, was abolished in 2017.