Banned Wikipedia should reflect on its actions - Turkish minister

Wikipedia – an internet encyclopaedia that anyone can edit – should think about why it is banned in Turkey rather than trying to shift the blame, Turkish Transport, Maritime and Informatics Minister Ahmet Arslan said.

“Wikipedia, which insults us as being with terror organisations when we have fought terrorism this much and which insults Atatürk, will (naturally) be stopped from broadcasting,” leftist news website SoL quoted Arslan as saying, referring to the founder of the Republic of Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.

“They should look to themselves for the problem.”

The site was banned in Turkey in all languages on Apr. 27, 2017 due to an article in which the country was described as a state sponsor of Islamic State (ISIS) and al Qaeda.

Wikipedia said that traffic to its Turkish-language output had dropped by 80 percent since the ban.

Arslan also gave a surprising reason for the continued banning of socialist news website, which has been banned 61 times in Turkey, opening a new iteration on a new domain each time.

“We have banned for providing the opportunity for the sexual abuse of minors, obscenity, prostitution and gambling games,” he said. “We have banned it for crimes committed against Atatürk, and we will continue to ban it.”

He later clarified that he read out a list of reasons for the closure of other websites by mistake and that had been closed for posing a threat to national security, SoL said.


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