Mar 08 2018

Burger King gets court order to ban mistreatment report in Turkey

Burger King in Turkey, having previously obtained a court order to place an internet ban on news of ill-treatment of its employees, has now been awarded a ban on news articles and social media posts discussing the article and the ban, left-wing news site İleri Haber said.

The article, which originally appeared on İleri Haber, had featured an interview with a Burger King employee who said that those working at one of the franchises were given only 10 liras ($2.62) for working overtime on nights when large shipments of potatoes arrived, that employees were given no breaks and that he had seen waste food being served to customers in order to meet efficiency targets.

Burger King successfully obtained a court order banning access to the article, and when the article’s author tweeted out the article and other news sites posted about the ban, it had those banned by the courts as well.

However, unlike political tweets banned by Turkey’s courts, so far Twitter has not acted on the court order to ban the news about the corporate giant.