Turkey pursues dissidents in Germany with 1,252 Interpol notices - report

Turkey has issued a total number of 1,252 red and blue notices to Germany via international police organisation Interpol since a failed coup attempt in 2016, Deutsche Welle Turkish reported on Thursday, citing the German government’s response to a parliamentary question. 

The Interpol notices are designed to allow police forces in different countries to coordinate and capture fugitives, but experts say countries including Turkey are using them to harass dissident exiles.

Following the failed putsch, many Turks chose to leave Turkey to avoid the government’s crackdown on dissidents. Germany is among the top destinations chosen by Turks, particularly for members of the Gülen religious movement, which Turkey blames for orchestrating the coup attempt.

The German government said Turkey had sent 1,168 red notices for arrest and extradition requests and 84 blue notices requesting information on the residential addresses of Turkish nationals in Germany. 

Germany's left-wing Die Linke party lawmaker Andrej Hunko told DW that the increase in Interpol notices sent by Turkey was down to “Ankara abusing Interpol to silence dissidents."

“There is no risk in Germany, but in other countries Turkish security units abduct people and bring them back to Turkey,” the politician said, adding that a new Interpol task force that had been reviewing wrongful use of red notices should also examine blue notices. 

Turkey’s deputy Interior Minister İsmail Çataklı said on Wednesday that the international police organisation had rejected 646 red notice requests by Turkey since the failed coup.