Iran press, tv covers anti-government protests

On the third day of anti-government protests in Iran, the Iranian media from conservatives to liberals are covering the protests.

Buzzfeed’s Istanbul-based correspondent Borzou Daragahi reported highlights from the Iranian press.

A conservative newspaper Afkar published a photo of Iranian vice president Eshaq Jahangiri, saying “Everything is calm,” to highlight the gap between the Iranian leadership and the people.

Reformist Jame’eh Farda published a photo from protests on the frontpage, also highlighting the Iranian political elite’s confusion about the true nature of the protests.

Business newspaper Sanaat called the original cause of the protests on the frontpage, saying “Death to inflation!”

Reformist Ahtab quoted a politician from reformist former Iranian President Mohammad Khatami, as saying “Mr. [President Hassan] Rouhani, speak to the people!”

Iran’s public broadcaster, IRIB, also featured the protests on news bulletin, explaining their demands as curbing inflation and combating corruption.

The coverage was “definitely trying to cool tempers rather than insult protesters by calling them seditionists” Daragahi said, however the state media cited Trump’s tweet and accused western media of exploiting Iranians’ economic grievances.