Iran protests are Western plot - pro-Erdoğan newspaper

The ongoing protests in Iran are Western-backed false flag operations to overthrow the Iranian government, Turkish pro-government newspaper Star said.

“We see that there is an attempt to implement in Iran today a practical photocopy of the Western-origin ‘pink revolutions’ and ‘springs’ which were unsuccessful in Turkey during the Gezi events (of 2013) but were successful in Ukraine, Brazil and in Arab countries,” Star said.

Among the similarities with Gezi, the newspaper said, were that demonstrations about small concerns (some trees, some price hikes) turned into anti-regime protests; that protests about one thing came to include protests about other things (Turkey’s 3rd airport, Iran’s involvement in the Syrian conflict) of national interest; that foreign news agencies, social media and live TV broadcasts were used to organise the protests; that some peaceful protestors became symbols of the protests; and that “the Western media prepared the ground” for the protests.

“This has the look of being the work of the U.S. CIA coming from Afghanistan and Islamic State (ISIS) cells supported by Israel’s MOSSAD intelligence service,” retired special forces officer Abdullah Ağar told Star.

“Iran claims that none of the guns used in the deaths (during the protests) were registered in Iran according to ballistic investigations.”


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