Turkish court orders compensation payment for 2015 ISIS bombing victims

A Turkish court on Wednesday has ordered compensation be paid to two victims of a 2015 Islamic State suicide bombing citing negligence of Turkish authorities, Sendika.org news site reported.

The attack in Turkish capital Ankara that killed 109 civilians and wounded 391 was one in a string of ISIS bombings that rocked the nation. A bomb exploded during a demonstration calling for peace in front of the Ankara train station at a time when Turkish security forces were engaged in military operations against fighters of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in cities across Turkey’s mainly southeast after a peace process collapsed earlier that year.

Turkish authorities, including the country's intelligence, have been criticised for failing to implement measures to stop the massacres and attacks.

Ruling neglect in duty by Turkish authorities, the Ankara court ordered the payment of over 1 million Turkish liras ($176,000) to the family of nine-year-old Veysel Atılgan and his father, who lost their lives in the suicide bombing attack, Sendika.org said.

The 2015 ISIS attacks claimed the lives of almost 150 people, in a short period between June when the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) lost parliamentary majority in the general elections and snap elections and November of the same year.