Jul 20 2018

Turkey arrests wife of ISIS war minister – report

Turkey arrested and jailed the wife of Islamic State’s deceased “war minister” after she was detained along with four other people in simultaneous raids in Istanbul.

The identity of “S.D.”, as the Turkish authorities named her, was only discovered after several days of questioning following her capture on July 4, police said in a statement, according to Reuters news wires.

Abu Omer al-Shishani, a Georgian, was killed in combat two years ago south of Iraq’s Mosul. He was a close adviser to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the head of ISIS.

His wife was detained in raids targeting people believed to have connections with conflict zones and actively seeking to carry out attacks, police said, Reuters reported.

She was formally arrested and jailed on July 17. The whereabouts of the two children she bore with al-Shishani are unclear, Reuters said.