ISIS “theatre” being prepared in Syria - Turkish Deputy PM

Turkey’s Deputy Prime Minister has said the Islamic State (ISIS) militant group may be resurrected by unnamed forces in order to make Turkey appear guilty of distracting from the anti-ISIS fight, pro-government broadcaster A Haber said.

“The ISIS terrorist organisation is a tool used to achieve political goals and projects in the region, and they are using it at the moment,” Bozdağ said, in response to a question at a press briefing about the United States calling for Turkey to focus on ISIS.

“After this, in the upcoming days, some may organise ISIS terrorists and put on a new theatre (play) saying ‘Turkey went into the Afrin region; we said to focus on ISIS but the focus was weakened and ISIS are going straight back to Raqqa or straight back there’,” he said.

However, Turkey knew very well who was doing what and why in the region, Bozdağ said.

Nobody could detract from Turkey’s rightful struggle in Afrin, and Turkey would continue to be the biggest contributor to the fight against ISIS, he said.