ISIS victims’ group vows return after Turkish court shuts it down

A group for the families of victims of an Oct. 10, 2015 Islamic State (ISIS) suicide bomb attack on a peace march in Ankara has vowed to re-register in a new way after being shut down by an Ankara court, left-wing newspaper BirGün said.

The Oct. 10 Peace and Solidarity Association, which was established by people wounded in the twin bombings and family members of the 109 people killed, was closed by a court on Tuesday that said its bylaws were incomplete.

Association President Mehtap Sakinci Coşgun, a lawyer whose husband was killed in the bombing, said following the decision that the group had revised its bylaws twice to no avail.

On Thursday, she said the group would be reconstituted as a foundation rather than an association.

“The organised struggle of Oct. 10, which is above politics, in the context of our demand for justice and peace, will continue without pause under another institutional structure,” Coşgun said. “The families of Oct. 10 have decided to continue with the same aim with a foundation corporate identity.”

The group’s official aim is to keep alive the memory of the massacre and to both bring it to light and to carry out work to widen the search for justice.