Old Konya municipality vehicle ‘liberated’ from Raqqa

Photographs taken in the captured Islamic State Syrian capital of Raqqa of a truck labelled as property of the Turkish municipality of Konya have caused a stir on social media.

Konya municipality logo

The pictures were initially published by left-wing news agency ETHA under the provocative headline “New evidence of AK Party-Islamic State co-operation in Syria emerges”.

Konya municipality, which is run by a mayor from the governing AK Party, was quick to respond to the claims:

“The logo on the vehicle’s door was one we used around 15 years ago,” a council official told Cumhuriyet newspaper. “We have used a different logo since 2004.”

The municipality promised to research the provenance of the truck.

“It was most likely one of our old vehicles that was sold at auction for scrap,” the official said.