Turkey detains Islamic State’s Minister of Agriculture

Turkish authorities on Friday reported that they had detained ten men suspected to be members of the extremist jihadist Islamic State (IS), including its Minister of Agriculture, Tarık Ahmet.

Turkish gendarmerie forces conducted an operation in the central Anatolian province of Kayseri, and south-eastern province of Gaziantep, the Turkish news website TGRT reported.

Süleyman Kamçı, the governor of Kayseri, said they do not believe IS to have a base in the province, but added that Ahmet had arrived in the region and started farming.

“They are not here on a holiday, certainly,” Kamçı was quoted by TGRT as saying. “They must be here on a mission.”

Kamçı said the men were caught after the Turkish police received intelligence on their activities.

“The suspects are now in the custody, being interrogated,” Kamçı said to TGRT.

“We take the highest security and intelligence measures against them. We are working for the safety of the country.”

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