Turkey in talks with Iraq for return of Turkish ISIS brides and children - Duvar

Turkey is negotiating with Iraqi authorities to return Turkish women members of Islamic State (ISIS) and their children, but the lack of an extradition agreement between the two countries over terror-related offences has slowed the process, Duvar news site reported on Wednesday, citing unnamed sources in Turkey’s Foreign Ministry.

Starting in 2012, Turkish nationals started joining ISIS to fight for the creation of a jihadi state in Syria and Iraq. While the number of Turkish nationals that joined ISIS is unknown, it is known that ISIS pushed Turkish women to marry other members once their husbands were killed in clashes. 

Some 400 women and more than 280 children who are Turkish nationals are held in prisons in Baghdad, sources in the Turkish Foreign Ministry told Duvar. The women are held for being a member of a terrorist organisation, but while Turkey demands those women to be returned to Turkey and tried in their homeland, the two countries do not have a bilateral extradition agreement for such crimes, Duvar said.     

“But, the negotiations between Ankara and Iraq for returning women to Turkey from Iraq has been going on and there is a possibility that a one-time deal can be made for those women,” Duvar said. 

Ankara has halted the execution of 12 women, while four women had already been executed, Duvar said. Turkey is considering the extradition of 320 ISIS-linked Turkish men, it said. 

Meanwhile, some 250 children so far have been brought to Turkey from Iraq after DNA tests and have been receiving medical support, Duvar said. Turkish authorities have also been trying to determine who will assume the custody of those children and make plans to provide psychological support to those families, Duvar said. 

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