Apr 01 2018

Erdogan hits back Netanyahu: 'You are also a terrorist’

Turkey's president Erdoğan lashed out at Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday in Adana, southern Turkey calling him 'a terrorist’ and calling Israel a ‘terrorist state’ reported semi-official Anadolu Agency.

Erdoğan reacted to Netanyahu’s remarks about Turkey’s military operation in Afrin, Syria. “I do not need to tell the world how cruel the Israeli army is,” said Erdoğan and called Netanyahu “weak” and “poor."

Calling the Israeli leader "an occupier" in Palestine, Erdogan said Netanyahu has no right to criticize Turkey. 

"You are also a terrorist. History is recording what you have done to all those oppressed Palestinians," Erdogan said, adding that he believes Israelis too are disturbed by Netanyahu's misdeeds, reported by AA.

"We are dealing with terrorists, but you are not. Because you are a terror state,”continued Erdoğan. “Nobody loves you in this whole world” he added, accusing Israel making show of its nuclear weapons and warned Israel that those nuclear weapons may not work someday. 

The spat between Netanyahu and Erdoğan flared on Saturday when Turkey’s president criticised the Friday incidents along the Gaza border and condemned the Israeli government over “its inhumane attack” against Palestinians. Netanyahu responded earlier on Sunday saying the Israeli army “will not be preached to by someone who for years has indiscriminately bombed civilian populations. Apparently this is the way they mark April Fools Day in Ankara”.

Netanyahu was referring to Turkey’s military operation in Afrin against Syrian Kurdish forces which Turkey sees the Syrian branch of Kurdistan Workers’ Party, an armed group that has been fighting for autonomy in south-east Turkey for more than 30 years. 

Erdoğan also blasted the French President Macron for meeting with the representatives of Kurdish armed groups in Syria this week in Paris, calling everyone criticising Turkey “to get their acts together” and warned they will lose the friendship of Turkey otherwise. “Adana knows the French very well. France also knows Adana very well,” said Erdoğan reminding the crowd that “Adana gave the best answer at the time to French occupiers and Armenian armed groups provoked by the same powers”.